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What Products Do We Carry?

We carry a wide range of products (click here to view PDF)



Designed to be durable and highly resistant to the elements.



Direct water away from your foundation.

A-B Elbow

A/B Elbows

Connect sections of gutter for a seamless look.

Bay miter

Bay Miters

Bay miters provide secure connections between gutters.

box miters

Box Miters

Connects two gutters – inside and outside.

end caps

End Caps

Provide a protective seal to keep out leaves and debris.

raytec hangers

Raytec Hangers

Raytec Hangers are designed to withstand any weather conditions.



Perfect for connecting soffits and fascia, providing a strong hold.

raytec tstrap

Raytec T-Straps

Raytec T-Straps are made of heavy duty metal and designed to last.

trim nails

Trim Nails

Used to secure soffit, fascia, trim coil and roof drainage system.

trim coil

Trim Coil

Available in a range of colors to match your home.

gutter flashings


Helps protect your home from water infiltration and damage.

Shur Flo

Shur Flo

Easy way to keep your gutters clean and free from debris.

zip screws

Zip Screws

Versatile and corrosion-resistant, perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

screws washer

Screws W/Washer

Secure fastening without the need for extra fasteners.



Diverters keep water away and easily  redirect to desired location.

gutter coil

Gutter Coil

Shape gutters to create seamless gutters for your home.



Versatile trim accessory used in siding installations.



Provides ventilation and protects the underside of the roof.

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